Established in 1890, the company began manufacturing in Massachusetts pioneering the manufacture of industrial felt and, subsequently, nonwoven materials for a broad cross section of industrial customers throughout North America. 

Felters developed its felt and nonwovens technology as its client base expanded across many different markets.  The company was able to broaden both its manufacturing and materials technology and lead the market by expanding offerings to include both natural and synthetic fibers.

In the 1950’s & 60’s the company was awarded numerous patents for manufacturing and applications of SAE felts and synthetic materials; the company was a leading manufacturer in this field.

In the 70’s, Felters pioneered the use of needle punch technology in wool products with its Fiberloc® product line.  Fiberloc uses recycled wool fibers in a dry, environmentally friendly process to make alternatives to the SAE felts.

In the 80’s & 90’s, Felters developed high speed converting and sewing operations which were incomparable and among the first in the felt industry to use Lean Manufacturing processing.

In the Millennium, Felters developed FirmaFlex®, a needle punched polyester product used to replace plywood as a lower weight, structurally superior alternative. The company developed innovative product solutions designed to make obsolete old fire retardant technologies, which were both costly and hazardous. Felters applied its advanced technology in nonwovens to create composite products with superior performance, lower friction and higher mechanical integrity.

The company’s focus on environmentally conscious products and services utilizing market/engineering driven collaborations enables us to establish mutually beneficial long term business relationships with our customers.