Quality Systems

The intent of our Quality Policy is to direct and influence every aspect and function of our business. To achieve our goals requires coordinated, analytical, systematic, innovative, and flexible management attitudes and approach in all areas of the company.

The principles that Felters and all its employees will employ are the following:

  • Understanding the requirements of the products we supply in order to align our capabilities to our customers' requirements and expectations.

  • Using systems that identify opportunities for continual improvement, defect prevention and reduction in variability.

  • Interacting with all employees, suppliers, customers and the communities in which our products are manufactured in a manner compatible with high standards including respect, dignity, and fairness as emphasized in a society that fosters workplace health, safety, nondiscrimination, freedom of association, and equal rights. This includes compliance with all applicable local and federal laws, best practices and ethical and moral behavior.

  • Making decisions at all levels based on facts.

  • Achieving excellence by working together and doing things right the first time in a safe and cost effective manner.

  • Understanding that our customer shall be the final judge of the quality of our products and services.

  • Creating and sustaining an environment in which every employee shall understand the requirements of their job and the systems that support them.