Our Values


Felters' shareholders consider its most valuable resource to be its associates. Their behavior in all aspects of both business and social interface is a reflection on our company.

Our actions and behaviors at all times must be honest, professional, and ethical.  The company requires its associates to consider this requirement as they complete their tasks each day.


Health and Safety

Health and safety are everyone's responsibility.

Every Felters employee must ensure their own safety and seek to secure the safe environment of their coworkers.

  • To support participation and total employee involvement, offer training, assistance and supervision to ensure that each employee is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out their job safely.
  • To call on each employee to be an active participant in all activities related to health and safety.
  • The application of external and internal laws, policies, procedures and regulations falls within the responsibility of all associates.

Diversities Commitment

  • To recruit and employ associates without prejudice.
  • To partner with other small businesses and diversities owned businesses to encourage and support their economic growth in a competitive environment.


Environmental Responsibility
At Felters, we appreciate our environment and view sustainability as our corporate responsibility.  We are committed to the successful implementation of our environmental policy.