Aerospace & Composites

Our product and services include:

  • Felters manufactures Breather fabric in 4.5, 7.0 and 10.0 oz/yd2 with a 20+ year supply history to the industry. We offer a standard line and custom products manufactured from recycled /regenerated fiber, 100% virgin polyester or flame retardant polyester.
  • Felters can custom slit or die cut Breather fabric to maximize yield and reduce assembly time in your facility.
  • We specialize in small batch production for retro fit applications which include heat sealed, sewn, die cut, kiss cut, bonded, laminated and fabricated products.
  • We manufacture fluid transfer and specialty cut parts for the aerospace industry.
  • Our resources and manufacturing processes are designed to use various materials including recyclable fibers to satisfy the aerospace industry’s demanding environmental requirements and obligations.
  • Our engineers are experienced in special product development and batch production for the aerospace industry.