Roll Goods & Sheets

Felters maintains an extensive inventory of nonwovens from 0.020 inches up to 1.50 inches thick. Currently, our standard point-bonded products are 70, 85 and 140 gsm in white and anthracite and 65 inches wide. We maintain inventory on SAE felts from F-1 to F-26 and many hybrid products for specific needs. Our needled felts use virgin and recycled polyester, polypropylene, rayon, nylon, aramids, wools, and other natural fibers. As a flexible material, most felt products are sold in rolls. However, some products are too dense, too thick, or too stiff to roll and must be sheeted. Felters can provide sheets in economical shipping sizes and up to 72 inches x 96 inches sizes. Our Firmaflex® products and many of our metal wiping products are sheeted for use in specific applications. Put the power of Felters' innovation to work for you. If you have a technical challenge, speak to our customer support team, we have vast experience developing customer application driven solutions.