SAE Felt

In addition to our Fiberloc® felt, Felters stocks and converts a full line of SAE felts for those applications where a wet felt is preferable.

  • SAE F-1 is suitable for oil retention in installations where the felt is not compressed, for feeding low viscosity or light oil, and where unusual strength and hardness are required. Typical uses are washers, bushings, wicks, door bumpers, polishing blocks and parts where wear and resistance to abrasion are required.
  • SAE F-2 & F-3 are recommended for vibration mountings and the same general purposes as F-1, but where a felt of slightly lower strength and hardness is specified.
  • SAE F-5 & F-7 are recommended for dust shields, wipers, grease retainer washers, vibration mountings and in uses where a resilient felt is required.
  • SAE F-10, F-11 & F-12 are recommended for grease and oil retention where the felt is confined and compressed in assembly. Also, recommended for dust shields under less severe operating conditions where F-5, F-6 and F-7 are not required.
  • SAE F-13 & F-15 are recommended for sound deadening, chassis strips, spacers, dust shields, and for mechanical purposes where abrasion and wear are not important factors.
  • SAE F-50 is recommended for ball and roller bearing oil retainer washers and small dust seal washers. Also recommended for mechanical purposes where an accurate, thin, smooth high-grade felt is required.
  • SAE F-51 is recommended for the same general uses as F-50, but in installations where tolerances and length of life are not as important. Excellent for thinly cut parts, such as gaskets and liners.