At Felters Innovation is not just represented by introducing or implementing new ideas or methods in our core activities but by understanding client applications and the challenges they face, as a result we have been able to develop a number of totally unique approaches and solutions to address specific client problems and create new opportunities.

With access to the Group research facilities Felters undertake primary  scientific research and development to investigate and understand the causes of various safety issues, typically caused by fire, smoke or high velocity expansion conditions, that may be experienced in the use cycle of our customers products.

Working across technologies, combining different materials, undertaking extensive testing and developing specialised production machinery and methods, Felters has been able to achieve step change results in a number of technology areas, the significance of these being recognized by the granting of numerous patents.

As a part of this process Felters have established themselves as leaders in the application of nonwoven materials in areas such as fire and smoke control, ballistics and sound insulation, designing and developing nonwoven materials and patented products that deliver technically excellent solutions to challenging problems.

Felters safety solutions are now in use in a number of industries including home appliances, vehicle airbags and aerospace with 80% of annual revenues originating from modern safety related products.