Home Appliances

Home Appliances

Felters has supplied more seals and gaskets for home clothes dryers than anyone in the world. Our customers are the world leaders in Laundry Products.

With this vast experience Felters research activities have enabled the development of a range of unique patented dryer seals that help prevent dryer fires. In the case of a fire developing Felters 'Firetrelle' ®  reactive seals are designed both to contain the fire and prevent the consequences of a 'smoke explosion', door seals can also react to prevent the door being opened.

Applications include:

  • Felt Drum Seals
  • Nonwoven Material Seals
  • Sewn and Profiled Bearings
  • Packaging and Transit Materials
  • Felt with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Flame Retardant Products to meet UL Requirements
  • Felt Foam Composite Seals
  • Felt Composite Bearings
  • Lint Screen Gaskets
  • Drum Glide and Slide Products
  • Sound Dampening and Noise (NVH) Applications

Felters Patented  'Firetrelle' ®  reactive seals